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Tiamat Care PreTest

About Tiamat PreTest

what is Tiamat Preconception Test

What is Pretest?

PreTest employs advanced data analysis to predict personalized risks during pregnancy and forecast your baby's health outcomes 

Tiamat Preconception Test: who can take it

Who can take it?

PreTest is designed for all parents-to-be, either at the preconception or during pregnancy 

Tiamat Preconception Test: how long it takes

How long it takes?

PreTest asks 90 questions and it takes 20-30minutes to respond, so be prepared!

Tiamat Preconception Test: where to take it

Where to take it?

The link below guides you to our online secure platform. Take it at your convenience.

Tiamat Preconception Test Pricing

How Much does it cost?

The price of an all-inclusive package is only 10.99!

How it Works: Three Easy Steps

Tiamat Preconception Test Steps

Take the test and respond to questions 

Pay the required test processing fee

Get your results within 3 days

Tiamat Preconception Test: infant health risk assessment report
Tiamat Preconception Test: secure payment

Why Pregnancy Forecasting is Important?

Understanding the risks of adverse pregnancy events helps you take proactive measures.

Tiamat Care empowers pregnancy by providing this knowledge.


What topics are covered by Pretest?

PreTest: health behavior

Your habits and lifestyle choices play a significant role in ensuring a safer pregnancy.

Health Behavior

PreTest: Phenotype and anthropometric variables  and pregnancy forecasting

Parents' height, weight, and Body Mass Index (BMI), reflect factors that influence the physical health of your future infants at birth. PreTest considers these factors during its assessment. Learn more


PreTest:  air and water pollution and infants health

Environmental factors also play a crucial role in your and your future infant’s health. PreTest comprehensively assesses these factors, encompassing local residential area air and water pollution, to evaluate their impact on your pregnancy journey. Learn more



PreTest: Pre-existing health conditions and genetics problems

PreTest meticulously collects information regarding your and your partner's health conditions, as well as prevailing health conditions within your family. Learn more


Health Conditions

PreTest: Pregnancy history and pregnancy health risk forecasting

Your pregnancy history matters. Our PreTest explores this aspect by using your unique past experiences to provide insights crucial for a more informed journey into parenthood.

Pregnancy History

PreTest: Socioeconomic and demographic outcomes and pregnancy outcomes

Increasing research points to the importance of various demographic and socioeconomic family characteristics for a healthy pregnancy, the well-being of infants, and a successful journey into parenthood.



What will you see in your

personalized report?

A sample of infant health risk assessment report

Infant Health Risk Assessment

Probabilistic prediction of your future infant’s birth weight, gestational age, and incidences of prematurity and abnormalities. This report is specifically crafted based on your and your partner’s characteristics provided in PreTest.

a sample of maternal pregnancy health risk assessment report

Maternal Health Risk Assessment

Probabilistic prediction of risk factors related to pregnancy, preterm birth, and other complications of delivery. This report is specifically crafted based on your and your partner’s characteristics provided in PreTest.


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