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a team of dedicated data scientists

Our Vision

At Tiamat, our journey began with a vision: employ cutting-edge methods and big data analysis to empower expectant parents. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower you through information—providing insights that enable informed Decisions and ensure a healthier pregnancy journey.

Who We Are

We're a dedicated team of data scientists and healthcare professionals passionate about promoting healthier pregnancies and fostering the well-being of infants. 

Why the Name "Tiamat"

In ancient Mesopotamian belief, Tiamat is a primordial goddess of the sea who gives birth to younger gods.

Meet Our Team

Hamid Noghanibehambari: health economist and data scientist, assistant professor of economics

Hamid Noghani, PhD
CEO, Health Economist

Nahid Tavassoli: Website developer and product design, artist

Nahid Tavassoli, PhD
Product Manager

Mahmoud Salari: Data scientist and professor of economics

Mahmoud Salari, PhD
Data Scientist


Nasrin Tavassoli, MD
General Practitioner

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