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Revolutionizing personalized insights for parents-to-be

Welcome to Tiamat

Intelligent Pregnancy

The future of pregnancy is data-driven. Empower your pregnancy and make informed choices with personalized insights of Tiamat's PreTest. Learn more

Tiamat Data-Driven PreTest

Tiamat: AI-powered infant health report
  • About 10-15% of mothers face pregnancy complications.

  • Personalized knowledge of risks empowers parents-to-be, whether at the preconception or early pregnancy stage. 

  • Tiamat PreTest is an AI-powered tool that uses big data to offer this knowledge. 

Why Tiamat?

"Knowledge paves the way, for a safer getaway"

  • Individualized pregnancy forecasting insights of PreTest help you take proactive measures.

  • You can make informed decisions once you understand the risks through our health risk assessment report.

Tiamat: pregnancy with big data
what is PreTest: Pregnancy risk assessment


Where to take PreTest



How Much?

Pregnancy risk assessment pricing
  • Tiamat PreTest is an AI-powered tool that employs big data.

  • PreTest assesses maternal and infant health risks

  • It provides forecasting reports for adverse birth outcomes and pregnancy complications 

  • Take the Tiamat PreTest from the comfort of your home

  • The wealth of questions helps us personalize the forecasting report

  • Be prepared to spend 20-30 minutes

  • An all-inclusive package for only $10.99

  • Contact us if you cannot afford to check for eligibility for our Expectant Assistance Program

How Does it Work?

steps in how Tiamat Preconception Test works

Take Pretest from the comfort of your home and answer the questions (~20 minutes)

Pay a one-time no-commitment fee of only $10.99

We'll email you the results within three days 

PreTest sample of questions
Tiamat Pricing Schedule
Risk Assessment Report Sample

What We Offer?

Personalized Risk Measures and Roadmap

pregnancy risk assessment

Health Assessment Report

We provide personalized statistics and forecasting measures. We offer you cutting-edge individualized information: assessing the likelihood of maternal pregnancy complication risks and adverse outcomes for your future infants. learn more here.

Personalized Roadmap

We offer a series of personalized advice and suggestions uniquely tailored to your health profile. From lifestyle adjustments to specialized care recommendations, these suggestions aim to support your well-being during pregnancy and your future baby's health.

What Factors Do We Consider?

factors affecting pregnancy outcomes


”Using Tiamat for my pregnancy was a real eye-opener. The report they gave me was super helpful, and the advice felt like it was just for me. It's been a big help.”

— Emily Rodriguez

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Contact Info

Contact Info


256 S Robertson Blvd., #34 Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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